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The new version of OpenSUSE was launched

Available for download a new version of Linux distribution OpenSUSE, whose development is sponsored by the company Novell. The version 11.4 is based on Linux kernel 2.6.37 and is available in four versions for x86 platforms and x86-64.The OpenSUSE 11.4 includes a number of innovations that enhance performance and scalability and reduce load time. This is the first major distribution OpenSUSE, which includes a stable version of the LibreOffice, and Firefox 4.0 with a completely revamped user interface.

The composition of the distribution is included and the first version of the popular desktop publishing system open source Scribus, based on Qt4. It is also added a new driver for wireless networks Broadcom, which allows multiple notebooks to work without additional settings. As yet, openSUSE 11.4 offers a wide range of options for the business desktop from full KDE Plasma and GNOME to XFCE compact and LXDE. Meanwhile, the OpenSUSE Project has launched the so-called. “Rolling-release” distribution OpenSUSE Tumbleweed – it requires constant renewal instead of major changes from version to version.

Google Chrome OS is closer to its final stage

Google updated its beta version of the cloud operating system Chrome OS, making another step towards the final product. The new edition has added a test version of Chrome browser 10. The jasminlive system is oriented to work on the Internet and is now much more stable. Removed several serious errors are improved safety and working with networks Wi-Fi and 3G.

The elaboration are also automatic update settings, and the sensitivity of the trackpad. Optimized energy consumption is and has been upgraded system screen indicators. The first netbooks running Chrome OS is expected by mid-year from manufacturers such as Acer and Samsung, recently announced Google.

The operating system will be quite attractive for the users all around the world, mostly after the success of Android system, which is close to Google Chorme OS, but based for mobile devices. Also the system will give full integration between the Internet connectivity and your local files. It will be easier for work, with high quality, but the question about security is still open case in front of the developers and programmers.

Mozilla speed up Firefox for Linux

Firefox for Linux will become as fast as the version for Windows. Mozilla developer plans to build using GCC 4.5 with aggressive optimization (-O3) in the formation of 32 – and 64-bit Linux-versions of Firefox, and supports profile optimization, it is clear from the statement of Mike Homen, a participant in the Mozilla project and Debian GNU / Linux.

Such a move would allow the performance of Linux-versions of Firefox to reach this version of Windows, which currently employs more quickly even under the control of Wine. Attempt to transition to GCC 4.5 with activation of new options for optimization was made last year, but he was unsuccessful due to the occurrence of regressive changes.

All problems have been solved, and Firefox is ready for Chaturbate transition to using more modern tools that will allow you to activate features such as static analysis, for example. In addition, Mozilla will keep maintaining older platforms such as Linux-RedHat / CentOS 5, and systems with libstdc + + from GCC 4.1. Firefox 6 will be the first version, which will use the new optimizations. The browser is expected to come in the summer of this year.

WebM plug-ins for IE and Safari

Google plans to soon release plug-ins for browsers Internet Explorer and Safari, which provide video playback format WebM, it is clear from the blog post of Chrome. The move of the Internet giant was expected after a few days ago the company sharply attacked codec H.264, supported by Apple and Microsoft, for its licensing requirements.

WebM format was launched in May last year under an open license as a free alternative to the H.264 codec for the realization of embedded video support in HTML5-compliant browsers. From the outset WebM supported in Firefox and Opera, while Apple and Microsoft remain attached to H.264 – a popular format for hot sex cams video stream that is not open. Google did announce that its Chrome browser no longer supports H.264. Some analysts have criticized the position of Google, describing it as hypocritical because the company rejected the H.264, but retains support for another closed format – Adobe Flash.

WebOS will be option for all HP computers

In 2012 all HP computers will be able to run the OS – webOS, told in a statement the CEO of the IT Company – Leo Apoteker. Such a move by HP to enhance eco-system webOS, encouraging more developers to write applications for it, says Apoteker, who led the company in November 2010.

The webOS will be established as an additional OS to Windows. The question remains however whether this will be done at absolutely all models of HP computers or some and if the system can be installed independently. The webOS HP acquired with the purchase of a smartphone manufacturer Palm in 2010. Currently the system is for use in smartphones, but HP plans to impose it in other devices, incl. PCs.

RedHat develops alternative of Java

Linux company Red Hat creates a new programming language for the Java virtual machine (JVM). The project aims to overcome the inherent limitations of Java, and developers to gain more simplicity and convenience. The project codenamed Ceylon was first introduced by the lead developer Gavin King QCon conference in China. And some analysts have called the new language “killer” of Java. King himself, however, distinguish it from such a definition.

Ceylon is Java, a new programming language that borrows features from Java, explains Gavin King. The language is being developed by proponents of Java, but not his “blind” followers. Java will not die and there is hardly anything that can kill, is the King. Ceylon is called to give developers what they want, but do not get from Java. For example, many disappointments dreaded outdated library of classes that make Java SE SDK collection of puzzles, King said. Therefore, the creation of quality SDK is a major task of the new project. Another priority of Ceylon is the development of Java-like language for describing user interfaces and data structures using a hierarchical syntax safe. Intrinsic link with the Java XML, which is the only way to describe the user interface is a serious problem of language and constant source of problems for developers, adds King.

Apple released update for Mac OS X

Apple released update for the operating system Mac OS X, which increases security and corrects many errors of previous version. Edition Mac OS X 10.6.7 can be downloaded from company website or by using the update system. The new version includes all improvements from the Mac OS X 10.6.1 now, and browser Safari 5.0.4. The developer notes several important improvements: increased seroprevalence of feature access to my Mac “; resolve problems arising from the transfer of files to some SMB server, and remove a number of errors in the App Store for Mac.

Moreover the update removes performance problems and failures in ultra-thin MacBook Air. Improved performance of the drivers for AirPort and solved the problem with black screen when watching video on a DVD player. Among other improvements is the increased brightness of the external displays and projectors. Removed are also problems with displaying fonts on some models Mac computers and more.

Computer Forensics Certifications

When it comes to getting started in the right career, you will want to make certain tat you are qualified to make the appropriate start in the right direction. This will normally mean that you will seriously want to take the time to make certain you qualify to get into a school that offers a forensics certification. This is a great idea for anyone that is considering a career in this area. If you are like a lot of people, you may find that you may or may not qualify and this is imperative for most people to get started.

Due to the high use of technology, the use of computer forensics has become increasingly popular and there are a lot of people who really feel there is a great need in this area for them and this is very true. These days, it is imperative that you know as much about computers as possible and it is also a great idea to specialize in a field and get computer forensics certified so you will be paid better as well. This is because if you really want to take the time to succeed in this area, it is crucial that you get the proper training and certification.

There is actually a high demand for this type of work if you really take the time to look for it. When it comes to getting a job in this area, the great news is there are so few people actually that have a computer forensics certification, it can allow you to get a decent chance of landing a great job really quickly. So, if you are considering getting certified in any one area, this may be one of the best for you to do so. It can really be a very lucrative career and will pay huge for people that do get involved in this area.