Google launched stable version of Chrome 12

Google has released a solid 12th brazuar version of its Chrome. The most significant improvement is the increased security – users receive warnings when trying to load dangerous files, thanks to technology Safe Browsing. Chrome 12 also allows users to remove directly from your browser cookies, Flash (LSO), by simply Google has worked closely with Adobe. Another new feature is support for hardware accelerated 3D CSS and the ability to place web applications in the address bar.

Chrome developers have removed the plugin Gears, which allows the browser to work with a local cache of pages, as it periodically synchronizes with online sources. Removed and the number of errors found in previous editions of Chrome. Google says that 160 million people worldwide use its browser. Chrome users will automatically receive renewal in the coming days, the company reported. The browser is available for download and currently the site of the company.

Chrome added new parental control function

Google added a new feature parental controls in your browser Chrome. The tool is now available in a beta version of Chrome, and it can benefit users of chrome-books. The function called Supervised Users, extends the operating system Google – Chrome OS, allowing multiple accounts with different levels of privileges. For example, a Chrome OS can be used to create a second account to be controlled.

A similar feature is expected to be popular among parents and teachers who want to control the activity of children online and to limit access to certain sites. As with other programs for parental control over internet access, Chrome users can view browsing history to create and manage lists of banned websites.

New beta version of Chrome 32

Google has released a new version of Chrome browser developers, which have been corrected several errors and bugs from previous releases. Chrome 32.0.1687.2 is designed exclusively for workstations running Windows and address problems with the platform, suggesting improved stability after the update of the browser. It should be borne in mind that similar versions for developers persist bugs in functionality and performance. Generally, it is recommended to install and use a beta version of the main work computer. First tests show that Chrome 32.0.1687.2 held steady on all Windows versions incl. new Windows 8.1. So there is hardly a serious risk to use Chrome 32 on Windows machines now.

Google Chrome 12 beta

Google released a beta version of the browser Chrome 12. The new edition features a full 3D CSS support graphics acceleration by hardware and advanced security tools. Developers have added browser module for checking downloaded files from the Internet presence of malicious code and tools to delete Flash Cookies. Available is also an opportunity for exclusion from Chrome 12 plugin Google Gears, a browser becomes a common desktop program that caches data and can work offline. According to developers, makes the transition to the redundant HTML5 support Google Gears. According to Net Applications for April, Chrome ranks third in the browser with a share of 12%, giving way to Internet Explorer (55,1%) and Firefox (21,6%).