Facebook prepairs a social-network browser

Facebook demonstrate ambition to fully absorb all the virtual life. The biggest social network in the world is on track to offer 700 million audience a special browser. The company announced a partnership with RockMelt, developer of the eponymous browser, consumer-oriented social networks. The project is run by the founder of the first browser in the world – Netscape – Mark Andres, said the Financial Times. The key features of Facebook, such as the ability to send messages, add friends, reading news, etc., will be integrated directly into the browser window, similar to the procedure for searching Google.

Thus Facebook services will become available to users without requiring them to visit the site of the social network. RockMelt and Facebook are partnering and integration of functions across the social network browser. Team of developers from both companies work closely on the project RockMelt. Updated example to show how facebook.com by visiting your browser RockMelt. Since web pages are missing features of Facebook, already present in the toolbar of the browser. In addition to the chat windows, put in facebook.com, open directly into the browser rather than a social networking site.

The beta testing began in RockMelt November 2010. The browser is set up based on open source Chromium Google and offers advanced capabilities for working with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp and others. RockMelt supported operating systems Mac OS X and Windows. To work with it, users must enter their login and password for Facebook. Currently, few consumers use RockMelt.

Facebook covers

Facebook is gaining more and more popularity through all kind of people and ages. The style of yourself in Facebook is important for the way you will be viewed by your friends, family and even other people. Some of the latest trend are the facebook covers, which are making your profile amazing, beautiful and quite more interesting. The new covers can be downloaded from the internet and can be easily changed. With your profile you can give much more than you expect, so if you use covers for music can show that you are fond of music, if you use cars covers will show that you like automobiles. Really the facebook covers are the latest trends in teenagers and even older people. Just try to download some covers for free and put to your Facebook.

Nokia C3 applications

Nokia C3 is one of the most attractive smartphones, which was made last years. The mobile phone has 2/.4 inches non-touch display and qwerty keyboard, which will allow you to use a large amount of applications. The cell phone gives you ability to use internet, facebook and other social networks and to be always with your friends. There are large amount of nokia c3 games, which will make the cell phone even more attractive. The download center of Nokia C3 offers large variety of arcade games, puzzles, action games, and entertainments, which will be easily installed on your mobile phone. The theme of Nokia is giving you easy access with the programmed buttons to your favourite applications, friends or games. The mobile phone is among the most interesting and most beautiful designed phones, which also has a lot of different applications. Also themes for nokia c3 are quite useful and will make the design of your phone more attractive and easier for use. Definitely Nokia C3 is one of the best and most interesting smartphones of Nokia, which is also offered on quite low price.