McAfee improved Network Security Platform

The internet security company McAfee improve its Network Security Platform product with advanced protection technologies and higher productivity. The latest version of the platform include enhanced botnet control by intelligent recognition of the “reputation”, inspection of virtual networks and monitoring by port traffic analysis and other advanced analysis tools, announced the McAfee distributor in the country – COMPUTER 2000 Bulgaria. The network Security Platform is a hardware-based system for independent verification of information flow.

The device provides real-time protection against known attacks such as zero-day, DoS (denial-of-service), DDoS (distributed denial-of-service), SYN flood, and encrypted attacks. The platform detects attacks even in systems where it is carried out meticulous search for other solutions. With the release of new version of McAfee continues to be beyond the traditional systems for the prevention of penetration (Network Intrusion Prevention Systems – IPS), network intelligence providing a higher level of physical and virtual environments. “Our customers need more than signature-based IPS”, said Rees Johnson, senior vice president and general manager, Network Security, McAfee. “McAfee Network Security Platform beyond traditional network IPS by adding McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, support for virtual environments and the ability to compare endpoints and network products,” he added.

VoIP decreases phone costs

Internet telephony or abbreviated VoIP (Voice over IP) is an advanced service and carry out loud using a broadband Internet connection. VoIP terminals can refer to a connection between two computers, two telephones, computer or telephone, provided the signal to transfer part of its path through the IP packets. Through it can to make both long distance and international calls at very low prices.

Internet voice service saves users the private companies, especially large vehicles. The main advantage of VoIP phone is No Credit Check Phone. This reduces the cost of calls on long distances, and eliminating monthly fees. This service is the same as telephone service, with the difference that the voice is digitized and transmitted via Internet to the desired destination and there is again transformed into a vote. Lower prices are offered due to a lower cost to carry out loud over the Internet.

Voice over IP, is a modern tool for unlimited by time and distance phone calls at much lower prices than the former. This is possible through new technology, which transmits your voice over the Internet to the world that you want. Prices do not form the basis of the remoteness of the desired direction, and according to the state of the Internet there is a prerequisite for their further reduction.